Flos, LAMP GIBIGIANA, Achille Castiglioni, 1980.

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Flos, LAMP GIBIGIANA, Achille Castiglioni, 1980.

The shape of the Gibigiana table light suggests a natural formation such as a bird or an animal. The Gibigiana light uses a halogen bulb that reflects light off a mirror and concentrates it onto a particular spot. The light’s Italian name Gibigiana means ‘expression for light reflected from a surface’. The angle of deflection is controlled by a circular dial on the top or head of the lamp. The intensity or brightness of the light is controlled by a lever, which runs up and down the base. The Gibigiana lamp, was sparked by a common domestic problem: some people like to read in bed until late at night, while their partners are eager to fall asleep in darkness. The strong halogen bulb, housed at the bottom of the base, casts its light on an adjustable mirror, whose angle can be set to further redirect the beam exactly where it is needed.

size: 20.5″H x 4.1″W Bulb 1 x max 20W 12V, 220V

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